Video Brief: 3320

Commissioner Global
GBP £80000
03 Mar 2017
07 Apr 2017

Major Label seeks visual artist for album videos for global, mainstream artist

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We are a major record label looking to create some world class, unique visual content.
We want to replace standard, un related music videos over 3/4 singles, with visual representations of songs that are bold, exciting and capture the imagination of a mainstream international audience.
These visuals will be used to launch, and throughout our highly anticipated new album campaign starting in June 2017.

About the artist:
- The artist is a house hold name and global star, that has has unprecedented UK success in the past 12 months.
- Musically the artists sits in a pop / urban / dance space.
- Performance is a key element of what this particular act does – both live and DJ’ing.
- There are a significant amount of live shows and performances planned in 2017.
- The audience is mainstream – think Kiss FM, Radio 1, Super Markets. Broad reach from children as young at 10 to adults in their 30 / 40s.
- The fanbase started with the older generation, and has steadily moved younger in the past 12 months

Things to consider:
- The idea needs to go above and beyond that of a standard music video - by this we mean we want an idea that isn’t an isolated visual representation of a song, no obvious narrative, straight performance, choreo etc We want something that makes this a first, or something that is visually striking and unique.
- The visuals for each song needs to be based around a theme, and link together in some capacity.
- The idea needs to work across a broader marketing campaign – be integrated into an artists socials, it could also be some kind of physical manifestation.
- We are not opposed to an element of fanbase participation in the idea, however this IS NOT essential, and it would need to be managed appropriately as the artist has a large, reactive fanbase.
- We are not apposed to a unique and exciting tech idea, we are open to collaborating with a brand if applicable.
- Putting the artist into an unusual environment or space could be something to consider.
- The artist needs to be the focus in all content / ideas.

- These visuals will be for “key tracks” from our forthcoming album campaign. Predominantly singles, but we would love to shoot content for the whole album.
- The visuals will need to sit on music video channels and VEVO.

Things we don’t want to see:
- Any form of narrative / acting needs to be avoided.
- Full on choreography is something we are not overly keen on.

What we want to see:
- Clear and detailed treatments of proposed ideas.
- previous experience of other large scale visual productions / music videos.