Video Brief: 6144

Commissioner Los Angeles
USD $8000
07 Nov 2018
17 Nov 2018
17 Jan 2019

LA based management company are looking for director collaborators for this new record.

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Our artist [artist name] is in the process of finalizing his forthcoming Q1 2019 album called [album title]. [Artist name] is an accomplished artist and producer who makes very cinematic, atmospheric music.

For the visual components of this campaign, [artist name] wants to capture the emotion and meaning in the little moments. He doesn't want the videos to be over dramatized, he wants it to feel almost like the camera just happened to be there to capture something in the moment. He wants to create an emotional experience for the viewer without relying on a storyline to do so.

Budgets on these videos will vary depending on the songs but will range from 8k to 10k - possible a little more.