Video Brief: 6233

Commissioner New York
USD $7500
14 Dec 2018
29 Dec 2018
20 Feb 2019

Music video for NYC-based trio

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[ARTIST NAME], a trio from NYC, require a music video for their track [TRACK TITLE], to be shot in January in New York for $7,500 all in. The final video needs to be delivered sometime in February, date TBD.

Artist/Band ideas or direction:
See below concept written by the band. Your treatment does not have to be identical to what they are thinking, but it should certainly stem from the same world and vibe. We’re mainly looking for something youthful, tasteful, simple, and evocative. Culturally relevant, but nothing overly political.

This song was inspired by the growing global divide in ideology and a general unwillingness to hear out someone with differing opinions. It is truly difficult to concede a fight and it takes a lot of strength to admit your own wrongdoing. But even more than the obvious political reference this song can take on, we like to think of it as it relates to all arguments whether between two groups or two people. The song is about coming together and listening to the other side of an argument, hearing their perspective, and being able to say I was wrong.