Design Brief: 6293

Commissioner Global
GBP £6500
17 Jan 2019
18 Jan 2019
25 Jan 2019

Skilled branding expert needed for launch of new social brands

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An ambitious, large-scale digital-first studio has been created in London to incubate and launch a quick succession of social brands in 2019. All brands are aimed at a global youth market and will be consumed via mobile and social platforms. We require branding assets for the parent company and two of its subsidiary launch brands.

This project is confidential but we will be happy to share the names of each brand once we connect.

To explain the structure of the studio and its brands consider the similarities between Vice Media (our studio) and its brands such as Vice, Noisey, Motherboard, Broadly, and Munchies.

The studio and its two launch brands require a very strong, separate brand identity as they will occupy different area of the global youth market. Therefore, we will need:

All logos will need to look strong on merchandise and other lifestyle products. We will need a colour version, mono black and mono white of each logo, and each should be optimised for social, i.e square profile picture format.

A swatch, one for the studio and one each for the two social brands.

Typeface option(s), one for the studio and one each for the two social brands.

We only require style guides for the social brands, and not one for the studio.

The ideas for the newly-created social brands which will be launched by the new studio require final sign-off from the powers that be in Los Angeles soon. Therefore, in order to execute the above requirements quickly and ahead of the forthcoming West Coast trip, we are only looking for applicants who will be ready to start work, if selected, on the week commencing the 21st January 2019.

Examples of your work contained in a PDF portfolio of your work, containing demonstrable, relevant experience of you (or your studio) working on similar successful branding projects aligned with this brief.

We would like to go through options this weekend in one sitting and so please upload a PDF portfolio of your work so that we can collate all options and look through them side-by-side and in the same format.

The studio is looking to find either: one multi-skilled freelance creative with demonstrable capability of executing the below requirements, chiefly in design, illustration and animation; or a creative studio / agency who can subdivide the requirements internally between in-house staff or trusted freelancers across these three aforementioned creative areas.

If you are not in the UK but feel you are a great fit for this project please do not be deterred to apply - we are looking for the best options and can be flexible.

Any applications without a PDF portfolio attachment will be immediately rejected.

Confirmation of your availability.

Please do not create the logos, typeface or style guide for this brief: a select number of applicants’ portfolios that we like will be directly contacted after the weekend if successful at this stage for additional information and invited directly to pitch.

Anyone who might be too experienced in this area to turnaround a high-pressure project with multiple stakeholders (across different countries) and, possibly, multiple rounds of revision.