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GBP £15000
17 Jul 2019
24 Jul 2019
31 Aug 2019

Major label would like a music video with clever post-production trickery

Virgin EMI Records would like a music video for 'Back To You' by One Bit & Laura White

The One Bit and Laura White do not need to feature in the video.


A heavy nod to the 90’s and rave scene (also the tracks “N-Joi Anthem” sample) is perfect but by no means are we looking to create a conventional grainy indie looking linear narrative video.

We’ve always used an element of camera trickery and post production quirk within our previous videos (stop motion two tone - MY WAY// and colour changing relationship - BYAM) so we would like to keep an element of this going forward.

Reference Videos

Vic Mensa - Love this! Looping, Clever Cool

Ash Grunwald - Walking - Limitless - From 03:29 striking FX that remains gritty (not colour based like previous)

99 Souls ft. Destiny's Child, BrandyReverse, Concept 

Mikhael PaskalevTime Ramp, out the box thinking

Fergie - Enchanté (Carine) ft. Axl Jack - Repeated motion, technique

Taking these examples into consideration we would like to infuse a sense of grit across the video balanced with this pop sensibility. 

Think (in no particular order):

The song concept sits in the idea that whatever you do “everything, everything leads back to you” no matter what you do your head just keeps getting pulled back to thinking about them/being with them. 

Although we want to incorporate some of the referenced FX and techniques the story telling doesn’t necessarily have to be told through them.

We don’t want to limit the scope of creativity in the narrative (have fun with it!)


One Bit are a platinum selling, award winning writer/producer duo signed to Positiva who between them play more instruments than you can shake a stick at and have already made a huge impression with their first few releases.

Best known for their massive releases on Ministry of Sound; "My Way" with Noah Cyrus (which recently went silver in the UK) and "Between You and Me" with Louisa, One Bit have received much critical acclaim and support including; Radio 1's 'Tune of the Week', number 1s on the Cool Cuts, upfront club, and commercial pop charts, #3 in Spotify UK's viral chart (#16 World Viral Chart) as well as reaching number 11 in the Shazam dance chart and making it on to the B-list on Radio 1. To date, they've had over 40 million global streams on Spotify alone.

Outside of their artist project One Bit are also prolific writers and producers, having co-written the JP Cooper track "Closer" which made it onto the Radio 1 B-list. They've also co-written and produced with other artists and writers such as Dan Caplen and Stormzy among many others.

They've also provided remixes for artists including Chvrches (which reached the top 10 of the Cool Cuts club chart), Hazers, Jeremy Loops, Dan Caplen, Dasco, B Young, and Jay Pryor to name just a few.

2019 will see some new One Bit releases, this time through Positiva, alongside a whole host of gigs and remixes which feels primed to continue One Bit's ascent into the dance-music mainstream.

Please include examples of your work uploaded as projects to Creative Commission and a treatment for this video.

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