Video Brief: 6890

Commissioner Warrington
GBP £750
12 Aug 2019
18 Aug 2019
08 Sep 2019

Band has a clear idea for their music video

Man & The Echo are looking for a video director to shoot this video in Warrington, UK.


M&TE are playing the role of The Pomp Party and are wearing suits and pink rosettes (picture below).

Our idea revolves around two different setups

Setup 1

Gaz (singer) and the band are filmed giving a political rally (Farage/Trump-esque), Gaz wearing a headset microphone (or a mic connected to a pulpit) miming the lyrics, the band will be seated or stood behind him also miming and also coming into the foreground themselves at various points. They get more animated/erratic throughout the video.

Would be good to have something like a POMP logo behind the band, maybe done with greenscreen (or we get something made). Would like to hear your suggestions on how to make this look as good as possible, maybe a mixture of handheld and static camera, zooms in on the band members behind Gaz. A watermark in the top corner might look good as if it’s being screened on the party’s own YouTube channel or it could be made to look like a news channel, camera flashes etc.

Setup 2

Hand held footage of the “party” canvasing for support around Warrington (not lip synching)

Giving out manifesto leaflets (we’ll print them), attempting to shake hands, holding a baby etc.

We could set up a trestle table in the centre of town, with leaflets and a banner. People coming up to enquire but not being positive

Be good to get some people we know involved as extras to give some reactions, someone could throw a milkshake over Gaz as the band try to protect him. 

Images could quickly flash up when Gaz mentions them in the lyrics:

“A white cliffs of Dover-ly wind blew in” 

“I’m dancing morris” 

“an Elgar-ly rain came down” 


Quite like the handheld look of this for the town centre footage.

Would like to see what ideas you have for shooting the rally footage. 


I think the 2 set ups should have a different filter to them, to signify that the “rally” footage is controlled by the party to show the best side of them, whereas the handheld town centre footage shows the reality of their badly received campaign.


We would like to use these colours in the video (below).


Warrington, United Kingdom.

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Band has a clear idea for their music video.
Video is to be shot in Warrington, UK.
Clear idea can be found in the brief.