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Commissioner Global
USD $650
12 Nov 2019
19 Nov 2019
09 Dec 2019

Music video for new singer-songwriter

Noah Chenfeld is looking for concepts and a video director for his song "I Love Being Tired".

Open to all ideas for this video (animation included).



Can be shot anywhere but the artist is based in New York City.


I'm saving my money

For I don't know what

It's not even funny

Yeah I'm in a rut

The subways are crowded

There's no room to stand

The winter is ruthless

It does what it can

I love being tired x4

To make you feel honest

And push you to try

Yeah winter is a cold cold bitch

But she'd never lie


Just you wait

You know it's fine to change your mind


In two months time

You'll be fine



Two references attached below.

"Someday" for the strength of its aesthetic and "Tighten Up" for its well-executed concept. 


Noah Chenfeld released single "Boston" in July 2018. Inspired by power pop bands like Squeeze and Fountains of Wayne, the song was played on SiriusXM. His next single "Lucy" arrived in September of the same year. Obscure sound described the song as "showing an emerging singer/songwriter with pop smarts and a knack for quality 80s audible nostalgia". Chenfeld released an EP "First" in September 2019.

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Music video for new singer-songwriter to be shot in New York City.
Open to ideas and the artist would like to be included in the music video.
Two references attached.