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Commissioner United Kingdom
EUR €2000
20 Nov 2019
27 Nov 2019
24 Jan 2020

Live session to be filmed for UK-based jazz band

K7 Records are looking to create a live session video of the Kansas Smitty’s House Band as a central part of the online content strategy to market their album, ‘Things Happened Here’, out on 1 May 2020.

The filming needs to take place in the UK on 3rd December 2019.

The concept of a jazz band that owns its own bar is unprecedented, almost as unprecedented as a band who premieres new music at each show. We want to be able to offer the audience the experience of the bar as well as the band.

We feel that a live session video will have more impact than a music video, and that it will be able to showcase the strengths of the individual musicians as well as the group.

  • Live session videos of at least three album tracks
  • Behind the scenes footage for use on social media (FB, Instagram and YouTube) 
  • Short talking-heads interviews with members of the band for use on social media (FB, Instagram and YouTube) 
  • Short liner clips for use on social media 
  • 8-second loops of the session videos / BTS footage for use on Spotify 
There are a few key things we want the videos to convey
  • A Kansas Smitty’s show is an experience, not just a concert.
  • We want the audience to have FOMO for not having been present at the sessions
  • We want to capture the intimacy of the bar - not necessarily film there as space is limited 
  • The sheer musicianship of the band - they’re performers at the top of their game and we need the videos to show that 
  • The sense of camaraderie amongst the band members - they’re quite playful on stage and we want to capture this
  • We want audiences to feel FOMO when watching the sessions and not to be intimidated by jazz, but feel invited to an experience
  • The session has to be inviting and the goal is for the viewers to buy tickets to shows and listen to the album
Target audiences
  • Age range: 24-49 with an even spread across genders 
  • Internet-savvy urban city dwellers 
  • Focus territories: UK, Germany, US, FR, Benelux 
  • Interested in Arts and Entertainment, Food, Cocktails and Restaurants
  • Are fans of record labels such as Brownswood, Blue Note, Impulse!, Verve, Strut, On The Corner, XL, Young Turks, etc
  • Read magazines & blogs such as Stamp The Wax, Straight No Chaser, Wallpaper, Esquire, Vogue, The Guardian, etc
  • Go to festivals such as We Out Here, Cheltenham Jazz, North Sea Jazz, Uberjazz, etc
  • Listen to Worldwide FM, NTS, 6Music, etc
About the band

Kansas Smitty’s are a group of extremely talented and synergistic musicians - one of their core strengths lies in their performance and we want to be able to show people who are unable to attend a live show how good they are. 


The label has earmarked €2k for the creation of the video (this includes filming and editing as well as equipment hire where necessary).


This has yet to be decided.


The first video should be ready by 31 January 2020. If all assets can be ready by this time, even better. 

Social media

Please apply with relevant examples of your work and live session videos uploaded to Creative Commission.

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Live session to be filmed for UK-based jazz band.
The filming needs to take place on 3rd December 2019.
They're after live session videos of at least three album tracks