Design Brief: 8512

Commissioner Global
GBP £500
28 Apr 2021
04 May 2021
19 May 2021

London based music company wants to redesign their current logo and add some colour to it

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[COMMISSIONER] are looking a designer to create a fresh redesign of our current logo.

Rather than creating an entirely new logo for our company, we are curious to explore reworking it to retain some recognition. 

The current logo is slightly bulky and masculine and we would like to work with a designer to evolve it into something more modern. 

If possible we would like 2 variations of the logo - one stacked version like it is now, and one horizontal version. 

We haven’t decided on a font for our new website yet but generally like types such as Arial/Helvetica/Archivo Black/SF Mono.

We definitely want a logo version that is all black but are open to colour variations also. 

We are looking for someone with demonstrable experience in graphic design on campaigns across recognisable brands or artist campaigns.