Design Brief: 8813

Commissioner Los Angeles
USD $600
31 Aug 2021
19 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021

A music production company is looking for designer to collaborate with on an ongoing basis

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[Music company] is looking for a new designer or illustrator to engage on a regular basis for trailer music album cover design. 

We are searching for someone with a unique 'other-worldly' aesthetic about their work, and an excellent sense for creating visuals heavily influenced by music and its usage in media.

On the label you'll find tracks ranging from deeply emotive orchestral cues to in-your-face, anxiety-inducing sound design cues, so your creative range needs to be just as versatile - all the while making sure there is a distinct coherence across the series. 

Please send over your portfolio demonstrating the style you can bring that's most appropriate to our collection.