Video Brief: 8848

Commissioner Global
USD $1000
16 Sep 2021
22 Sep 2021
06 Oct 2021

Animated show visuals needed for electronic music artist

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[COMMISSIONER] is looking for an animator/motion graphics designer to create unique and visually interesting background visuals to be played on-screen during [ARTIST] DJ sets.

3D animations preferred, but we're open to any style of animation and ideas that would fit with his style of music (melodic and progressive house) and aesthetic.

We need ten short 2-minute video clips that can be used by [ARTIST], with each video clip being made up of a short animation that loops for around 2 minutes. A couple of these should incorporate the [ARTIST]v logo.

We also need one 20 minute video that is a mix of the various animations (so that venues that don’t have a proper VJ will be able to just play this longer video a few times throughout his set)

All files should be delivered in .mp4 and .mov formats.