Design Brief: 8853

Commissioner Global
USD $200
21 Sep 2021
28 Sep 2021
12 Oct 2021

NY-based artist is releasing physical album copy and needs a vinyl back cover

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American ambient artist [ARTIST] seeks a designer to create the back cover for a vinyl release of his record [RECORD].

The front cover has already been created.

The back cover would utilize the same background colour and texture as the front, include a tracklisting, some credits, and any small design elements the designer sees fit.

The artist will provide the text for you to try fonts and positioning with. One round of review of rough concepts, and then a final round of approving the final design. The designer would also update the text on an existing label for the LP to reflect changes in track names.

The turnaround is a little tight — 3 days from signing for initial concepts, and then 4 days for finalized designs from there.