5 essential video hacks for your next campaign

As we all know, time is money and it is the most precious resource when you’re creating a new campaign to adhere to release and tour schedules.

That’s why a little bit of efficiency and extra planning in advance will allow for your project to be stronger, whilst still sticking to the timeframe and budget.

Whether you’re new to the game or a wisened pro, here are five recommended video hacks to keep in mind for your next shoot to get the most out of your creative campaign.

1. Behind the Scenes Content

Behind the scenes content always does well on socials because it’s authentic. This doesn’t have to be a big task at all, as it’s likely everyone on set is already taking their own photos and videos already.

If key people present at the shoot can share their best content with you, a razor-sharp editor could make a simple edit of the footage to make a fun and engaging compilation for Instagram.

Not only does this give the audience a sneak peek at what happens on a set amongst cast and crew but it’s a simple way to tease the upcoming video itself and keep the story going for fans to enjoy.

2. Videos for Everything

If you’re releasing an EP with 5 tracks or an album with 10, or maybe you’re just wanting to show off something exciting in the studio or an iconic gig moment, turn those instances into video content.

Instagram has put long-form video content front and centre with the ever-growing success of IGTV and the benefits of uploading great motion content is going to make an enormous impact on your follower growth and engagement stats.

Watching you in action ups your likes, follows and shares and potential to earn extra income but make sure there’s enough in the budget for you to create visuals for all your tracks, not just the “best” ones. Because…

3. Maximum Visuals

Visualisers and lyrics videos are an excellent way of building momentum for an affordable production cost. You can maximise the output of these by including edit points in your animated content, which allows the videos to be easily repurposed for engaging social media clips and IGTV features to tease and promote a release.

Perhaps you could take a few key frames and easily make GIFs via Giphy to incorporate into your digital presence and newsletters.

4. Hire Out

DIY video content is gritty and authentic but what about when you need that extra professional polish? Hiring an experienced videographer with social media experience for key events is worth its weight in gold.

Whether your artist is on tour or in the studio, imagine the reactions to a carefully created How To Get The Look type video, mini-interviews with the artist’s teams or a properly filmed TikTok.

The volume of high-quality content you will be able to produce in a few days is cost-effective across a campaign, plus, long-term, you will be able to plan some brilliant content ideas together as well as visually uniformed footage from shoots and gigs.

5. Managing Your Schedule

Planning ahead and making the most out of your schedule will allow for more content to be created.

Perhaps you could save time by shooting several promo videos back to back with the same director and team, live streaming whilst there’s downtime on set, or by mixing animation with your usual live-action output so that you have a video being animated at the same time as you are due to shoot a video. That means double the output, double the fun, double the chances of reaching your audience with things they want to watch and engage with.