Adrian Leisewitz works as a research assistant for Goldsmiths University, College of London on the weekends. He is also founder and co-editor for the Instagram page Plattenbau Magazin, where he regularly presents underrepresented artists.

Our recent chat with Adrian discusses his favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.


Creatively at the moment, I’m loving Mia Wray. She's a young singer from Australia with an amazing, powerful and unique voice. Only released two songs so far, but they are both bangers. Can’t wait for more to come.


My all-time favourite music video is Youth Lagoon Montana. It gave me the chills the first time I watched it and still gives me the chills now. Incredibly moving music video to a beautiful song.


I’ve always loved the album art for Tame Impala The Slow Rush. Mesmerizing artwork by Neil Krug photographed in the most surreal surroundings of the Namibian desert. It represents Tame Impala’s sound so well.


The most recent brand collab that caught my eye was Amilli x Carhartt Work In Progress. Just a perfect fit. Amilli is a German Bedroom Pop singer with an amazing, Lana Del Rey-like voice and a simple yet cool style - the Carhartt collab fit seamlessly into her creative.


For me the most creative and original music video of the past year is Little Simz Introvert. Intense music video to an amazing song with powerful lyrics. Watched it over and over again.


I wish I’d designed the artist logo for Justice.

It's an iconic logo - easily recognized anywhere. I used to draw it onto everything I could find back in school. They are also one of the best electronic acts ever.


The one artist you should follow on Instagram is Alli Neumann. Always entertaining and often thought-provoking German singer/activist. Everything she posts is uniquely her and also her style is amazing.


The most iconic music photograph is Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

I’m fairly sure I’m not the first one to have chosen this but it is definitely the one for me. That photo gives me a kind of inexplicable energy that makes me want to move to New York with nothing but a guitar, notebook and a way to thin jacket for icy winters.