Florian Mihr is a German transplant working as an Art Director for Concord Music in Los Angeles.

Before moving into the Music Industry, Florian worked in the Action Sports and Fashion Industry for brands like Element / Plan B Skateboards or Atticus Clothing. Florian also works with labels like End Hits Records, Hopeless Records, Pure Noise and a hand full of management companies. Artists Florian works with include iDKHOW, Billy F Gibbons, Taking Back Sunday and August Burns Red.

Our recent chat with Florian discusses his favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.

Without going into any details, I am currently working on a Deluxe Box Set for a Wes Craven movie. It’s going to be a real cool package with a custom die cut jacket, for both vinyl and CD, multiple discs and fun liner noted. Super excited about sharing it as soon as it’s getting announced.


Creatively at the moment, I’m loving The Walking Dead Graphic Novels. It is such a great story that perfectly fits in the last year’s events. With everything that has happened and is happening in the world I can only recommend taking a break from the screen and reading the actual books. Kirkman is a great storyteller and brings a lot of intense moments to the books the show is lagging from. 


Honestly, I can’t name my all time favorite, but a blast from my early teenage years and still one of my most favorites is Three Little Pigs by Green Jellÿ. The stop-motion claymation directed by Fred Stuhr is still holding up and makes me laugh every time even after almost 30 years. RIP Fred - Thanks for all the great work!!


As a big fan of Chris Strong’s work, I’ve always loved the album art for The Promise Ring’s Wood/Water album. I love the simplicity of the photography, the colors and croppings are striking and emphasize the feel of the album. Jason Gnewikow did an an amazing job bringing the music visually to live with this package.


The most recent campaign I’ve enjoyed working on has been with the amazingly talented Amythyst Kiah on her new album Wary + Strange. Rolling Stone called her “One of Americana’s great up-and-coming secrets”. The cover photo was shot by Sandlin Gaither, a great photographer based in North Carolina. She recently had her debut on Jimmy Kimmel with her new single Black Myself.


The most recent brand collab that caught my eye was definitely Lacoste X Ricky Regal with Bruno Mars. The entire campaign looked stunning - the teasers, billboards, photography and promotions they were driving around Los Angeles was on point and kept me really excited for the full drop.


For me the most creative and original music video of the past year is KennyHoopla’s How Will I Rest In Peace If I’m Buried By A Highway video. The visual vibe is a total throwback to the good old mid 00’s. Bloc Party and Test Icicles come to mind - house parties, tristesse, weirdness and amazing music.


Without wanting to step on anyone’s toes, I am not a fan of band logos and find them highly overrated. Bands evolve with every album, looks and styles change and while a logo works perfectly fine for an album cycle, there’s probably just a hand full of bands that can still pull it off with the same logo they have been using forever.

But to answer the question - I wish I had designed the lips for The Rolling Stones. It’s such an amazing icon that works in every medium, color or capacity without saying the band’s name. To me it’s the equivalent of Warhol’s Campbell’s Tomato Soup.


The one artist you should follow on Instagram is Ryan Thomas Monahan who is a miniature sculptor and a hell of a funny guy (please watch his IG stories). Pulling a lot from pop culture and movies, his pieces are super detailed, unique and suck you right into the scene. Go check him out!


The most iconic music photograph is the cover for Minor Threat’s Salad Days EP. Glen Friedman’s photo became so iconic that it got reimagined many times over the past years. From the Golden Girls, to The Simpsons or Black Sabbath.