Creative Corner with Lyle Scougall

Lyle Scougall is the director of Mañana Music Management. Alongside his business partner Nathan Dunphy, Mañana represent Glasgow Alt-pop singer Joesef and DJ/Production Duo t e s t p r e s s.

Here's our recent chat with Lyle to discuss his favourite campaigns in 2020 and talk about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.

I’m currently working on an interview series for a new artist I am working with - keep your eyes peeled!

Check out

Creatively at the moment I’m loving Baebadoobee. I’m loving the 8mm film aesthetic, the high energy visuals coupled with the warm aesthetic really compliments the new high energy raw music that she is putting out at the moment.

Favourite video

My all-time favourite music video is Outkast's Roses. It's a classic.

Best artwork

I’ve always loved the album art for Arctic Monkeys Humbug. The double exposure really resonates with me in general. It feels like every time I look at this artwork I notice something else.

Campaign of 2020

The best creative campaign this year has been the Girl In Red Do you listen to Girl In Red? campaign. 

Best collaboration

The most recent brand collaboration that caught my eye was Weekday and Fila. However, if we're talking artists.... Billie Eilish and Urban Outfitters.

Logo Love

I wish I’d designed the artist logo for FOALS. The bold, caps and minimalist approach just works. 

Video of 2020

For me the most creative and original music video of the year is Joesef's I wonder why. I'm definitely being biased here! But this is the big man's first music video, and the cold to warm progression of how intense a break up can be is captured perfectly by Director Molly Burdett and Spindle Films, shout out to them. 


The most iconic music photograph has to be anything taken by my boy @peeohvee.

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