Creative Corner with Sarah Lipman

Sarah Lipman is a music executive specialising in artist marketing and management at SLAM Management. Current clients include Alice Pisano.

Here’s our recent chat with Sarah to discuss her favourite campaigns in 2020 and talk about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.

At the moment I’m getting The Kingdom Choir back into the studio. They’ve had a very successful and busy couple of years since performing at the Royal Wedding to 1.9 billion global viewers. Their last single, Real Love, excelled at radio in the UK. We’re now keen to work with more writers and producers to push their incredible British gospel sound forward. 

Check out

Anitta. Her video for Me Gusta with Cardi B really pops with its Brazilian colours and feels fresh. Back when I worked at Warner Music Group we saw Anitta’s potential for years and it’s fantastic to see her pushing through on a global level now.

Favourite video 

Slow by Kylie Minogue. Minogue is at her best here for my personal favourite song of hers. Syncopation down to a tee, colourful geometry, the epitome of summer, all captured under the beautiful Barcelona sun.

Best artwork

Absolution by Muse. It’s never easy to reflect an awesome album in awesome artwork. The artist, Storm Elvin Thorgerson, who was best known for his graphic design work with Pink Floyd, certainly managed to accomplish this here. I treasure my Absolution vinyl.

Campaign of 2020

Ava Max. From first class pop videos to her development as an international star. It’s a thrill to see someone who is such a genuinely nice person and so easy to work with, succeed. Since I met her when she’d just signed with APG, it’s not surprising that Ava has always had a clear vision for herself and known how to execute it.  

Best collaboration

Normani X Urban Decay. Normani has used her platform to put the spotlight on the fact that makeup should be created and available for all skin tones. Urban Decay has been at the forefront of this conversation for some time and now they have a great champion in Normani who is running with their ethos, and who has made it her own.

Video of the year

LORYN’s Less Is More. LORYN has created a visual that feels timeless, while calling out ‘that special someone’ who gifts an over-abundance of material stuff - which she feels can get dull. Through its simplicity and styling, the viewer is left with the notion that invariably small thoughts mean more than grand gestures; while the video also nods at the importance of sustainability. I am really pleased with how it came together. 

Logo love

Aerosmith. It’s as epic as it is timeless, and cheesy in the best possible way.

Go Follow

Alice Pisano.  Alice is a gorgeous singer from Italy with a silky voice, and I feel proud every day to be able to say that I manage her. She is a young force to be reckoned with. While writing stunning ballads and pop songs, she is as comfortable singing at the piano as she is strumming her guitar. Alice has new music coming very soon so follow her now and be ahead. 


Richard Ashcroft by Rankin. Rankin! I have a huge amount of respect for him and feel we’re truly privileged to have his timeless art accessible to us. How he documents artists has always felt captivating and inspiring to me. I was fortunate to attend one of his London Fashion Week presentations a while back. 

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