It's Friday which means the weekend is right around the corner! Here are five of the very best artworks for this week's Creative New Music Friday including credits for all the creators involved.

1. MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

Where once Marina seemed caught between art-pop and a chart place, she’s now gleefully speeding down her own unique lane. 

2. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Back the Way We Came - Volume 1 (2011-2021)

With a career spanning more than twenty-five years, the past ten have seen the songwriter unlocking his creative potential in novel ways. Following his instincts more than previously, he continues to show the breadth and depth of his songcraft.

3. Sleater-Kinney - Path of Wellness

Self-produced during the pandemic and the band's first album since drummer Janet Weiss' departure, captures the feel of two minds bouncing off each other.

4. Maroon 5 - JORDI

With their seventh studio album, Maroon 5 are more visible and, at times, vulnerable.

  • Artwork by Sage Vaughn

5. Alessandro Cortini - SCURO CHIARO

Built around his new custom synthesizer, the latest project from the electronic musician and Nine Inch Nails member offers some of his liveliest music yet.