Creative New Music Friday: 12/02

Another week has flown by! Here are five of the very best artworks for this week's Creative New Music Friday including credits for all the creators involved.


1. Slowthai - TYRON

Largely written in the solitude of lockdown, the Northampton rapper Slowthai's second album TYRON sees him reckon with childhood, adulthood, shame, defiance and regret.



2. Django Django - Glowing in the Dark

On album four, Glowing in the Dark, the indie-pop oddballs Django Django use sci-fi imagery to travel to a new and less anxious world



3. Aerial East - Try Harder

Warm and wistful, unvarnished and intimate, Aerial East makes anthems for sitting in our own groundlessness and finding a specific peace within it on her new album Try Harder.



4. Caithlin De Marrais – What Will You Do Then?

Caithlin De Marrais’ third album, What Will You Do Then?, is incandescent—a candle lit in memory of the moody midnight teenage bedrooms of the early 90’s. 



5. Blue Hour Ghosts – Due

Due is Blue Hour Ghosts sophomore effort continuing their blend of progressive, classic, gothic metal, and alternative rock.