Creative New Music Friday: 21/05

Here are five beautiful artworks selected for this week's Creative New Music Friday

1. Lord Huron - Long Lost

From start to finish, a masterpiece of sound and emotion pair to create Lord Huron’s new album titled Long Lost.

  • Artwork by Ben Schneider

2. Mannequin Pussy - Perfect

Perfect isn’t bold new territory for Mannequin Pussy but it finds them as blistering as ever.

3. Robert Finley - Sharecropper's Son

A perfect juxtaposition of earthy lyrics and frank storytelling with honest, unaffected roots music organically adding an exclamation point.

4. Twenty One Pilots - Scaled And Icy

The Ohio duo’s sixth album takes their usual mix of rock, rap and synth-pop but adds more upbeat lyrics.


The Japanese four-piece return with their smoothest, most comforting record yet, serving up ‘80s-tinged guitar pop and even a soothing lullaby.