Editor Jacob Wise creates emotional James Blunt music video paying tribute to the NHS

written by Hatti Rex

Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has landed left us all feeling a collective sense of frustration, sadness, and confusion.

It’s challenging times like these where the arts become more vital than ever, providing uplifting entertainment to distract us from our worries. One of the most emotive offerings is James Blunt’s latest music video for The Greatest, whose heartfelt singing soundtracks a celebration of the NHS with footage edited together by Creative Commission member Jacob Wise via a brief posted by his manager, Todd Interland, last week.


Having just premiered on Good Morning Britain, we caught up with Jacob to discuss the collaboration and how to capture feeling through film.

He tells us his original interest in cinematography began as a documentarian focusing on social justice and humanitarian causes. Having travelled to extreme parts of the globe that others would never see first-hand, including slums, ghettos and refugee camps, he explains that “through the power of film I am able to give people at least a small glimpse into these worlds that they would otherwise never experience.”

“Just through the power of image and arrangement alone, you could make a piece of art that has the power to really move someone.”

It’s evident from his portfolio that he’s truly found a formula to effectively visualise these messages, though this can’t necessarily be taught or found on a YouTube tutorial. 

“Video editing is such a mysterious thing,” he muses. “You can receive all the formal training in the world and tell a decent story with it, but to create something that is emotionally impactful comes from intuition. I often don't know why a cut works or doesn't work, but what I do know instinctively is the feeling I have in my heart and body when something hits the right way.”

He agrees that creativity is one of the most redeeming factors of bringing communities together during trying times. “Engaging in creative outlets, such as art, music, do more than just fill our time. They are a way for us to express our fears and hopes. It is in these kinds of global challenges that creativity is what seems to always come to the forefront.” 

But what made him want to work with James Blunt? “When I first came across this project, I felt an immediate connection. This is such an intense time for all of us and, quite obviously, exponentially more so for those doing battle on the front lines against this pandemic.” Jacob goes on to explain how we all exist in our own little bubble, making it easy to forget what is going on around us. The chosen scenes of doctors fighting the virus on the frontlines immediately lift you out from that.

“There are so many individuals putting their own lives at risk solely to help desperately ill people. This beautiful song reflects that sentiment so powerfully: Be the greatest that you can be because the world needs YOU.”