Finding joy in simplicity with Jake Troth's latest video, directed by Anastasia Shulepova

This year has taught us how to find joy in the small things in life. With grand plans shelved, at least we can take comfort in everyday routines that we once took for granted. Right?

In singer-songwriter Jake Troth’s latest video for his track Sunday Smile, the stunning shots combined with the soft vocals truly capture the positivity in the ordinary everyday experience. 

There’s beauty to be found in everything; from juggling oranges outside in the sunshine, learning to play guitar, or even from a nun learning to ice-skate or a couple of old friends having a milkshake together. Happiness is found everywhere, if you know where to look.

Anastasia Shulepova

Directed by the talented Anastasia Shulepova and commissioned by Atlantic Records in New York via CC, her love of interpretive symbolism through objects, actions, and vignettes really shines through. 

“I liked the way she told a story more abstractly,” Jake explains to Flaunt, which recently premiered the video. “I didn’t want to have a direct, firm narrative because the song’s done something for me, but it also does something different for everybody who hears it. I wanted to provide motivation for people, with a really uplifting tone.”

This ethos combined with Anastasia’s interpretation resulted in a feel-good, relatable cinematic and, having previously worked on projects with Grimes and Lamb, her clean aesthetic brings a soft and almost ethereal feel to the everyday actions of humanity.

“A lot of people feel lonely, they feel like an individual stuck in this Groundhog day we’re in just waiting for it to end.” Jake goes on. “I wanted to make a video of people finding ways to find joy, going through their own processes of digging deeper into themselves and finding happiness in simple ways. We definitely were able to achieve that.”

The visuals combined with the music itself provides an optimistic catharsis that feels especially relevant for this year, though really the idea of missing out on the little things has always been something that is often lost from juggling responsibilities in our fast-paced modern lives. This work is a reminder that there’s always time to stop and smell the roses. 

“Anastasia did an amazing job of finding very interesting people and coming up with interesting ways for those people to enjoy themselves. Go through trial and tribulation to overcome this strange time.”

Perhaps right now, there’s a lot of joy to be found through finding time to transport ourselves into the realm of someone else’s creativity. There’s definitely something in music videos that we can all take comfort from.

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