By cape_and_monocle

25 November, 2016 - 09:12

This huge animated music video took 12 weeks to complete and the results are stunning!

There's been blood sweat and tears over the last 12 weeks as we worked on a huge animated music video for Sydney based singer Kamaliza. An email landed in our inbox over the summer about the possibility of working together. Kam is one half of the band Olympic Ayres. Kam is now doing the solo and thing and needed complete creative direction for the overall brand, cover art and an animated promo for the first single.

Deadline was incredibly tight for the scale of the project. But essentially the concept was to skip on a narrative for the first video and instead use it to set the tone and standard for his future releases and eventual album. So we created 48 3D dream like vignettes. Weird dream sequences, some that interconnect and some that don't.

The main dream catcher structure and the eye in space sequences will form the main base for his live visuals at shows. And we will be selecting some of these shots from the first video and expanding them into proper narratives for the coming singles.

Big project. But super pleased to finally have it out in the world.

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