By henriquewooding

9 January, 2018 - 10:25

Exhibition One, London: Henrique Wooding x Titus Akira

Myself and talented Photographer/ Visual Artist Titus Akira came together 2 weeks before 2018 ended to put together an exhibition, Exhibition One, basing it around photos we'd taken in the last past month of 2017.

My category of work/ theme was based around F's as opposed to the negative connotation of the F I focused it on (Friends, Fashion & Festival) as these were prominent themes, documenting friends, working with fashion models/ brands and capturing fierce festival images of the numerous festivals I attended.

Taking over the Maverick Pizza (A pizza shop located at Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria London) we filled the space with our work, invited friends, artists who'd either inspired our photography work or we had worked with and people who genuinely supported us.

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