Inglorious Motorcycles

This short ad for Sam Evans' custom motorcycle building brand Inglorious Motorcycles was our first official Tom & Tom project. 

We wanted to spend some time getting to know Sam, what made him tick and what excited him about rebuilding classic bikes. His story and process is interesting enough, but what we really wanted to get across was the feelings he was describing about riding a bike which is bespoke to the rider. 

The film was released with some PR pushing from us to bike magazines and was featured in The Bike Shed.

We shot the film over the course of two days in Essex late last Autumn on a tiny budget and then worked with some incredibly talented guys in post production to pull together a neat little story.

Direction and Cinematography - Tom McCagherty & Tom Bryan
Editor - Aiden Jordan
Sound Design - Alex Williams
Music - Luke Olney
Colourist - Jonny Thorpe