Making colouring books more Rock n' Roll with Mark Leary

If you ever etched your favourite rock band's logo into your desk at school or spent hours staring at album covers in your bedroom, then Rock N' Roll Colouring could be the ideal way to unleash your inner child again. 

Following the success of the previously-released Motörhead and Judas Priest editions, today the colouring book series releases two more fully-licensed official versions from 60s Irish rockers Thin Lizzy and American heavy metal band Megadeth

The colouring book features iconic artwork from classic rock albums and other instantly recognisable images for hours of relaxing satisfaction.

Each book contains painstakingly created renderings of each image, with beautifully detailed outlines ready for you to unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils or paint.

Long-term Creative Commission member Mark Leary designed all four books in the series.

"Rock N' Roll Colouring commissioned me again to work on the next two books from two titans of classic rock and thrash metal -both bands renowned for the iconic artwork designs," Mark explains.

"Inside the Motörhead and Thin Lizzy books there are some custom-themed mandalas that I designed as well as all the classic covers and merchandise imagery worked up into a colourable format. The illustration and reworking line work, design, layout and social media back up assets, along with the Rock n’ Roll Colouring logo were done by me at ASYLUMseventy7."

Nottingham-based creative studio ASYLUMseventy7 focuses on delivering eye-catching, innovative and imaginative creative visuals, and studio-owner Mark says he has found his ideal home working within the alternative genres of the music industry.

"We explore every project with enthusiasm and maturity, hate shallow work and [we are] influenced by the weird and wonderful – be it music, art, fashion or people. We really enjoy taking projects left-field and love nothing more than working with people who have the same passion for exploring the new and experimenting with the norm, to create something that shows the best of my abilities and their desires."

Devised and created by lifelong rock and heavy metal devotees and colouring book fans, Rock N' Roll Colouring is available now exclusively from Eyesore Merch.

Judas Priest colouring book

Motorhead colouring book