RMV Productions and the future of online video content

Online video content is the future. It is the essential marketing and PR resource for your brand and advancements in technology, and new ways of working, are changing the way we create content on a day to day basis. Such is the mantra of Creative Director Peter Reeve of RMV Productions. RMV is a multi-faceted production company that has worked with some of the largest outfits in the music industry such as the Capital FM Summertime Ball and the X Factor tour, not to mention also many other different significant players across all sectors LOCOG and Google.

Peter comes from a post-animation background, working with the likes of gaming powerhouse Electronic Arts for numerous years. RMV was the natural progression of working as a freelance editor, motion designer and creative director; his workload increased as he took bigger and bigger projects on, having to collaborate with the right people for the job.

The opportunity to work on those projects where you are trying to break new ground is what I enjoy

RMV now works with twelve different freelancers on the job at any one time. "The Jobs that I enjoy the most are the ones that challenge me creatively or where we’re doing something new. We’re just starting to get into VR and 360 animations. The opportunity to work on those projects where you are trying to do something new, break new ground, is what I enjoy,” he explained. However, Pete abstains the use of gimmicks and doesn't use a new media unless it "enhances the message, connecting with the video content."

Pete and RMV have been with CC almost from inception, and each company has grown in parallel: "CC are helping to get record companies or any company, in touch with creative talent. It’s not always easy, on the creative side for us to get in contact with the right person within a company. However, it's also not very simple for the individuals in the industry to get in touch with the right creative talent. There’s the big names out there and the obvious people to work with, but there's a lot more talent that aren’t going to come about without the likes of Creative Commission," he explained.

Making a major label music video

In the past RMV have been commissioned by CC to work with the likes of singer-songwriter Rumer and electro-rock band Ladyhawke. Their latest venture is a music video for artist Tom Prior for his single Looks Like Rain. The concept for the video comes from the title of the song.

Peter had two ideas for the video but went with a 70s anchorman theme based on the title sounding like a weather report: “The 70/80s anchorman idea is a bit crazy anyway, but the video gets even more so. I loved the idea of contrasting the thought of something that's a bit silly and fun with quite a serious song, its quite an emotive heartfelt song with a serious message. So I loved that juxtaposition,” he explained.


With no job too large or small, RMV have worked with start up's all they way up to Google and boast a repertoire that would make any large production company envious, even though they are technically a smaller company themselves. As well as studio work they also cover live events. Peter employs a sense of adaptability where live events are concerned: "because you never know what challenges are going to be thrown up.; We’ve been at a show, and an artist has changed their set list, they’ve got a new song that they want to do. There’s no visual content for it whatsoever, and you’ve got a couple of hours to come up with a creative idea and create a visual to get on the screens for when they sing that song later that night. It’s very high adrenaline, fast turn around craziness sometimes."

Animation features heavily within their artistic output, which again stems from Peter's background. From live event filmmaking to lyrical motion graphics there isn't a discipline that RMV shy away from. Typography and an application of graphics comes into the foray, with bright and vivacious colours spanning their work. Their latest animation was created for a smaller business within the construction sector and is one of their biggest and best pieces of work to date. "It's a quite a corporate software launch video, but we were able to be creative with it and did a full on 3D animation, great sound design, we pulled out all the stops. So it’s a cinematic feeling trailer, with 3D text. Regarding the corporate world, it’s probably the most creative thing we’ve done. We are very happy with it."

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With a company as adaptive as RMV, upward is the only direction. Peter talked about big ambitions where the likes of sport branding is concerned as well as perhaps moving into the hotel and hospitality industry. However, in the grand scheme of things it is about making sure your content is engaging and current, failing to do so will only get you left behind: “ Web video is the big thing now so everyone should have videos on their website. There are much better ways of doing these things, using narrative and film making techniques showcase your business or your product or venue, but doing it with narrative like its a short film in the next year or so.”

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