Spotlight: Brian Davidson

Our new feature Spotlight focusses on Creative Commission members with stories to tell. Next up, we hear from Glasgow-based photographer Brian Davidson, who has used his Photoshop powers to help others through lockdown. Over to you, Brian...

My name is Brian Davidson and I am a full-time photographer with my own family photography studio. I also photograph lots of weddings and events, however, I have used lockdown to complete four music videos, produce three original songs, competed in five song remix competitions and created a photography series called Lockdown Tips. This saw me use Photoshop to create awesome uplifting scenes to bring a smile to peoples faces.

I love that I get to be as creative as I like. During the lockdown, I've had financial freedom due to having a government grant to pay my bills, so I have been creating absolutely everything and anything I can! At the start of lockdown I created a photo a day. These photos were photo manipulations to give tips to people on how to overcome the doom and gloom of lockdown. Things such as jump into a TV series, where I Photoshopped myself literally being sucked into my television, and playing board games, where I played three different family members in one photo.

The creative project that I completed in 2020 that I am most proud of has got to be my original track Pure Joker. It was the first track I finished during lockdown - it got over 25,000 views on Instagram and a tonne of great feedback as well as being picked up by a label to be re-released at the start of the new year.

Creative Inspiration

I've got to give love to my man Lewis Capaldi! He took self-promotion to the next level and in ways nobody would have dared to before. Otherwise, I don't find inspiration from any artists in particular: it more comes from surfing Instagram and from day to day life. I do listen to Gary Vee every now and then as he's super informative and inspirational.