Spotlight: Jeremy Raskin

My name is Jeremy Raskin, and I am a multidisciplinary designer, artist, musician and art director based out of Los Angeles, California.

I primarily work on music industry projects that can range from Grammy award-winning artists to DIY ambient producers. This year I got to work with Jacob Collier, Kygo & Kim Petras, PVRIS, Kat Cunning, MadeinTYO and more. My work ranges from creating album art, tour posters, visualisers, title cards, branding and packaging. Previous clients of mine have included Ariana Grande, Halsey, Katy Perry, Insomniac Events and PrototypeLA.

I worked with director Hannah Lux Davis (London Alley) and production designer John Richoux on this scene (below) for Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings music video - which won Best Art Direction at the 2019 VMAs. I designed and animated the heart mandala visuals projected on Ariana Grande, the projections start at 0:27.

I get to translate what I hear sonically into visual representations of the music

My favourite part about being a graphic artist in the music industry is that I get to translate what I hear sonically into visual representations of the music. Every project I receive is different from the last, so it's refreshing to constantly be working on something new.

This year, besides keeping busy with client work, I finished a new EP of my own music that will be out around Spring 2021. On top of the music, there will be plenty of visuals I have been working on to accompany the record. My producer/artist alias is Vijunns (a play on the word visions), as I combine my visual art and music together as one. Working on Vijunns material has always been cathartic and has helped me get through 2020.


The project I'm most proud of still hasn't come out yet - it was actually work I got through Creative Commission! I can't say much, but I did a series of single artworks that will be out on a major label in 2021.

As far as projects that have come out in 2020, I am very proud of the art direction, and design work I did for Hark Madley's The Future Is The Question! LP. The title is fitting for what has transpired this year, and it was released just days before the first COVID-19 lockdown in Los Angeles. I worked with Hark Madley on conceptualising and building the world of his record through single artworks, album art and the vinyl packaging. The music and the album art was even featured in Apple's iPhone 12 film!

Favourite campaign in 2020

Robert Beatty did an amazing job on the album campaign for Oneohtrix Point Never's Magic Oneohtrix Point Never out on Warp Records. All of the immaculate detail that went into the packaging of this record was incredibly inspiring. This album is a homage to vintage radio, and it can be seen clearly throughout all of the album/ep art, visuals and music video titles Beatty worked on.

Jeremy's creative influences