Spotlight: Neon Picturehouse

Spotlight focuses on Creative Commission members with stories to tell. Next up, we hear from Joseph Morel, co-founder of Neon Picturehouse - a newly formed production company with one clear goal in mind: to provide up-and-coming artists with a video that suits their needs and their budget. Over to you, Joseph...

Neon Picturehouse is made up of three people, myself (Joseph Morel), Callum Mills and Jon Wetherall. I normally handle Producing and Directing and Callum and Jon handle the cinematography, editing and colour grading between them. 

Having all graduated from the University of Chichester, we had all been in the industry for a number of years, working on other people's projects and a few self-funded ones of our own. We had the knowledge, skills and drive to create amazing content but just no way to communicate with the sort of clients we wanted to create content for. So, back in December of 2020 we decided to come together and form 'Neon Picturehouse'.

Since forming the company we've done a number of both live-action and animated music videos, a series of commercials for Dishoom in London and are currently in Pre-Production for a short film starring 2001: A Space Odessey's Keir Dullea.

Depending on the project, we hire in a number of brilliant freelancers to help us bring our vision to life. We have a fantastic Costume Designer, MUA, Production Designer and brilliant pool of Actors and Production Assistants we usually pool from. Having such a great network means that whatever the budget is, we can accommodate a client's needs. We've worked with crews as small as just the 3 of us and as large as 50 people.


Having a platform such as Creative Commission has allowed us to communicate our vision and creativity to these artists in a way that gives us and them complete control.

Creative Commission is a superb platform and incredibly useful for a team like us. Even before forming Neon Picturehouse, I used Creative Commission to apply for things as a lone Director. It's part of my daily routine to check CC and apply for absolutely anything I can.

Flora Cash

One of the Creative Commission briefs we were chosen for was from a fantastic American band called Flora Cash. We developed a narrative concept alongside them and delivered a music video which fits their song The Bright Lights perfectly. It was a pleasure working with Flora Cash and their label, as they contributed so many ideas to the production and were really flexible in the business side of things.

Other projects

We're currently working on a bunch of other projects, a number of which we've gained through CC. For the last month I've been directing an animation for Local Opener, which is being worked on by one of our fantastic animators, Ana Mykhaylova. As well as another live action music video for the outrageous Chinchilla. It's a really exciting time for us and we're incredibly grateful that a platform such as Creative Commission exists.