Spotlight: Tyler Remikie

September was a monumental month for Dave as he scooped the Mercury Music Prize and a GQ Award within the same week. So we caught up with Tyler Remikie, an artist born and raised in South London, who has been collaborating with Dave for a couple of years to find out about life in the eye of the storm.

Hi Tyler, thanks for chatting to CC. Can you tell us a little about yourself to kick things off?

My name is Tyler Remikie. I’m an artist, born and raised in South London and I have recently been working on a bunch of projects, both personal and collaborations, including designing all the merch for Dave’s 2019 tours and working with a lot of music artists like LondonYG, E.O, Jay Silva, M Huncho and a lot of others.

The work for artists ranges from cover art, merch/clothing designs and animations, to any other assets they may need. On the personal side of things, I have been banging out a bunch of pieces, slowly growing my fine art portfolio, hopefully leading to an exhibition in 2020.

It’s a bit of a cliche, but ever since I could remember I have had a pen or pencil in my hand, drawing away. When I was younger I had a lot of hobbies and was very active, but the one constant was always art.

“I see the creative process like a puzzle… looking at an idea or concept first, and then thinking about what medium would best execute the idea”

Growing up throughout the years I would obsess over different styles and try my hand at most mediums; whether that was traditional materials like oils and sculpture, or creating digital art and graphics on various software.

I wouldn’t say I specialise in a single area, but rather see the creative process like a puzzle. Normally working backwards, looking at an idea or concept first, and then thinking about what medium would best execute the idea.

But saying that, I have big ambitions and dreams for the future, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I started working with Dave around three years ago. Since then we’ve worked on most of his projects together, along with his tours and external work.

So with Psychodrama, the process was very organic. He brought the concept to me, of the album essentially acting as a psychodrama, with him retelling and reliving events from close personal experiences in each track. He would show me songs as he recorded them in their unfinished state along the way, which helped aid me in trying to match the same energy as the music, in the art.

We spoke about his thoughts behind the music and album, and what he thought visually represented it.

As soon as I hear someone’s ideas or vision, my mind starts to tick straight away. I began thinking of concepts and ways to visually represent the album in a single iconic image. I would then go away and sketch a wide variety of ideas, going back and forth with Dave and his team, picking apart each idea until we came to an agreement.

I eventually came up with the image of Dave with his head on fire, and after a lot of back and forth and refining, we had the final art.

What was it like to work with Dave and his team?

TR: They are my peoples! They’ve helped me a lot over these past few years.

The whole Neighbourhood Records team is amazing, but in particular, I worked closely with Jussy (Dave’s right-hand man) and also his managers Jack and Benny throughout the entire process and the last few years.

I’ve never had any of the usual designer nightmares like having to wait for payments or lack of communication on their part, and they’ve always treated me with the most respect.

They are all great people and great in business as well. It’s been super inspiring to see what they’ve done over the past few years.

Which fellow creatives do you admire most and why?

TR: I’m a fan of a bunch of my fellow artists. The artists that I’m currently big fans of are Christian Rex Van Minnen, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Kim Jong Gi, Francoswork and Leonardo Stazzinci.

“I feel like there’s an explosion of interest in the creative fields and along with it, a sea of creatives”

Currently, I feel like there’s an explosion of interest in the creative fields and along with it, a sea of creatives. I admire those artists that rise above the noise and are able to separate themselves from the seemingly non-stop bombardment of information.

There are a bunch of artists that have taken to social media platforms trying to make art accessible for the masses and not only the elite. I believe the whole ‘internet’ artist will be next wave much like how street art was embraced after years of being looked down upon.

Which artist would you love to work with next and why?

TR: Any artists that share mutual respect and appreciation for my craft as I do theirs. Over the years working with different artists, the worst thing is working with someone you looked up to, only for them to move weird.

I’d love to work with some of the UK legends like Skepta, Wiley, Giggs and those guys. And I’d also love to work with international acts like Drake, Kendrick, Meek Mill and I could keep going on.

They are a bit stereotypical but I feel like they would have the means to go about executing some crazy things.

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