Through Bach and Aphex Twin

The designs for the monthly Sunday Mixtape Cover were a conceptual challenge. No brief or theme was given... just the music. 

When I heard the #22 compilation, the first I worked on, it all came clear. It was all about the textures, the emotions Daniela wanted the audience to feel. It wasn't anything else to add. I just needed to listen.

Mount Dela Magazine was founded in 2015. The tradition and depth of classical music threaded with new works by artists from around the world. A free sample library and our personal visual language, we suggest a broad way of experiencing and discussing classical music - as an art within arts.

Following this deep and broad understanding of music, I created a series of illustrations/designs, from #22 to #25, displayed on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Mount Dela's website.

Please enjoy listening and reading

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Geles Tomas