By riarmato

10 March, 2017 - 20:00

Twisted minds run wild

Recently we once again worked with a local band called My Cocoon. Over the last couple of years we established a working relationship with the band and have worked on about 4 projects together.

The latest project was again a music video, although this time the artist wanted to hand over the creative reigns to us. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as being able to create on a project with no creative direction or restrictions is somewhat every creators dream. So we set out to work on something that was quite simple during the production phase but would become a very weird and odd looking finished video.

The production took place on 3 separate days with a local actress that we also had the pleasure of working with before. During these three days we filmed around a town called King's Lynn, and whilst on set we discovered the many atmospheric and grandiose locations that this ancient town offered. The editing stage was where we really got quite creative and spent the majority of our time. And after about 5 or 6 drafts we finally settled and finished the video ready to be presented to the artist.

I guess the main point that we wanted to get across was the fact that sometimes developing a healthy working relationship with local artists can be very beneficial, and like in our case we would get to work on a project where our creative twisted minds could run wild. Thank you to My Cocoon and their trust in our abilities to deliver a video for them.

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