Start your pension with £50 paid in by CC and Penfold

Pensions are the best way to save enough money to stop working one day. The more you save, the earlier in life you can stop working.

Unfortunately, as a freelancer or a Ltd company owner, you don’t have a pension set up for you, so it’s on you to take the first step. We know that pensions can be confusing, hard to navigate and conventional pensions are just not built for today’s self-employed workers.

So that's why we've partnered with Penfold to get you started. 

Penfold is an innovative, digital alternative to traditional pension companies and it's built specifically to suit self-employed people like you, focusing on simplicity and flexibility. 

To get you started, use our referral code CreativeCommission and you will receive £50 paid into your pension pot, with £20 paid in by us and the same value matched by Penfold, plus £10 from HMRC. 

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Here’s the deal:

Completely Flexible: you can pay into your pension by regular monthly payment or one-off top-up. Your regular payment can then be increased, decreased or paused right from your online dashboard or app, and one-off tops ups can be made as frequently as you like so that your payments fit around your work.

Simplicity and no jargon: your pension is easy to set up, with no jargon or annoying paperwork. Just like us, Penfold cares about supporting freelancers, and their customer service team will answer any of your questions, no matter how big or small.

Tax benefits: HMRC adds £25 for every £100 you pay into your pension (more for higher earners) and Limited companies can deduct contributions from their tax bill.

Transparent with no hidden fees: Penfold is transparent about costs, and have just one all-in annual fee of 0.75% of your total pension pot. This means that all of their other functionality, such as changing your investments, withdrawing early, transfers and one-off top-ups are completely free. During the Coronavirus crisis, Penfold has also waived their fees for the next 6 months!

Safe and Secure: Penfold are regulated by the FCA and their pension is FSCS protected.

Don't delay - the biggest weapon you have for preparing for retirement is starting early. 

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Pensions are a long term investment, and your capital is at risk.