boerd - It Fades Away

It Fades Away music video by Michael Maggiano

boerd Michael Maggiano

Artist boerd
Client Anjunadeep
Added 31 May, 2019 - 03:46

Anjunadeep commissioned a visualiser for boerd's It Fades Away. The creative brief included these adjectives and phrases:

  • abstract, melancholic, raw, emotive, simple, minimalistic, introspective, experimental
  • "Junctures of the urban and organic"  –  "Inquisitive urban exploration"

Some of these adjectives exist in tension with each other and needed to be held in balance, and often that tension generates ideas.

My goal was to visually express the track in a way that would go beyond a typical visualiser into visual poetry, by which I mean both a private or subjective feel, and also associations in the shots & edits that are more unstable and mysterious than completely overt or simple.

Analog & digital distress come and go in the video. The camerawork mixes handheld subjectivity, static objectivity, and the occasional subjective camera trying to see things objectively. The framings range from flat to deep, and from open to closed.  There are some easter eggs and subtleties that viewers may pick up on.

boerd - It Fades Away