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Artwork for Delta Heavy by cape_and_monocle

Delta Heavy cape_and_monocle

Artist Delta Heavy
Client BMG
Added 1 May, 2019 - 09:50

The Delta Heavy campaign was our first application through Creative Commission. We'd been fans of DH's previous work and have always admired their production - when we saw the brief listed we wanted to jump straight on.

Project scope ranged from initial Art Direction, singles, album and animated content for social media and live.

Their previous artwork was always based around a triangle. Normally it would be set into landscapes, or there would be graphic treatment filling the shape. Management were keen to continue the triangle and landscape theme. But it needed updating and bringing into a new space. We referenced modern art installations and light installations. So the idea of continuing the triangle theme based around those came to life. Instead trying to make the shape out of landscape elements, we built the landscapes in 3d and setup a laser rig that would continue across the album campain in various settings.

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