El Carretero

Lyric video for Guillermo Portabales by Neil Whitman

Guillermo Portabales Neil Whitman

Artist Guillermo Portabales
Client World Circuit
Added 1 October, 2019 - 09:06

Here is the official lyric video I created for Guillermo Portabales - 'El Carretero' commissioned by BMG World Circuit Records.

Guillermo Portabales was a unique performer of the Cuban guajira rhythm, whose distinctive voice and guitar style helped define and popularise the easy swaying style. Born in Cuba, Portabales divided his time between his homeland and Puerto Rico.

World Circuit Records provided me with the amazing bright and vibrant album artwork by Linda Scott and I was asked to bring it to life. I have worked on a variety of lyric videos in the past, however this was the first time I was asked to create one in 2 languages - both Spanish and English.