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Director of photography looking for cool projects


My name is Tom. Firstly, I appear to be having issues with videos being displayed on here. If you can't see the above video, here's the link:

I’ve been a freelance director’s assistant/visual researcher since 2013, working on hundreds of campaigns in tv commercials, as well as for content, films and music videos. Basically anything that requires a treatment and someone to help flesh out ideas with a director.

During that time I also started dp'ing for myself and others - content and music videos for Nike, Warner Music, Atlantic, and other record labels and fashion magazines.

I edit mostly in Premiere Pro (rip Final Cut Pro 7), and grade in DaVinci Resolve. As for gear, I’ve shot on Alexa, Red, 16mm, C300, a bunch of different stuff, but I most enjoy keeping things as simple as possible.

I want to work on interesting and meaningful projects and just enjoy the process, so if you like my reel, feel free to give me a shout and we can make something cool.