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Campaign Paradise Alley
Added 9 October, 2018 - 12:04

Paradise Alley at 93 Feet East opened in 2018 in East London. Londoners rocked up to enjoy cocktails on tap, street food and live DJ sets with a new disco and uplifting house vibe from 5pm until late.

Our brief was to develop a brand that had a retro, miami vice feeling to it, and a logo that would be easily later created in neon lights - check out their instagram page here to see the real thing, it’s our favourite!

We added our own twist on memphis style elements with broken down detailing, and a pastel colour palette influenced by neons but still conveying an outdoor, day time drinking scene. Later we evolved a late night colour scheme for their summer closing party.

We loved every aspect of this brief and working with the team. They said to us it was only when they saw our concepts for the brand that they really felt the project come alive and become a reality :)