Fer'ta Mou Ola Piso Music video

Pavlina Voulgaraki AlexKarmios

Artist Pavlina Voulgaraki
Campaign Fer'ta Mou Ola Piso
Added 22 February, 2019 - 01:31

Single music track "Fer'ta Mou Ola Piso" (traslation: "Bring it all back to me") of alternative greek singer Pavlina Voulgaraki, featuring a Greek famous old singer "Psarantonis", shot in Greece for Greek label Cobalt Music. In this shooting, I was acting as the Director of Photography (DP), and production manager for everything and my company AgentRepresents (AR) provided, crews, equipment, cast, locations, props. We shot it on ARRI Alexa camera system. It was shot in one long full shooting day in different locations, and the project was edited and finalized by our (AR) editor as well. I'm particurarly very proud personally about the first opening upside down scene of this music video, reminding the style of Gaspar Noe aethetics which I love.