Burn Vinyl single Artwork

Star Anna Mariano Arcamone

Artist Star Anna
Campaign Burn Vinyl single
Added 9 December, 2018 - 21:28

Artwork for Star Anna's new 7" single from HockeyTalkter Records.
Concept, Art Directión, Illustration, Layout & Packaging design.

The songs were very emotional and full of pain, so after a couple of listens and inspired by some of the lyrics: "I can't stand the sound of my tears" and "the water shines over your eyes", the image of an eye with a tear quickly came to my head. 
The main song of the single is called "Burn" so I thought it would be cool to make the vinyl jacket looks like a matchbook. 
The chorus of that song has the phrase "I just wanna burn your memory away". After a couple of days working on a concept that fits well with that phrase, I got the idea of some kind of voodoo doll, but instead of having a rag doll to stuck some pins into it, I thought it would be cool to have a little wooden figure that you can burn, burn to forget.