aliza razell

Boston US November 2018
I am a multimedia photographer, designer, illustrator, and painter. My specialty is in combining watercolour and pen illustrations with digital photography to tell striking, magical, and transporting visual stories.

I have created posters, online graphic content, and album artwork (including covers, liner notes, and cd design).
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • GIF Animation
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Painting
  • Black and White
  • Photography
  • Portrait
  • Merchandise Design
aliza razell
Metamorph is a multimedia project which depicts scenes of transformation from Classical mythology...
aliza razell
Glamour is an absurdist multimedia series celebrating Old Hollywood and the public domain.
aliza razell
The series "ikävä" is inspired by the Finnish word meaning the feeling of missing... more
aliza razell
For the series 'True Colors' I used a combination of watercolour illustration and digital... more
aliza razell
The photostory The Circle tells a circular story inspired bu the celtic mythological creatures... more
aliza razell for Elodie Kimmel
For the French singer-songwriter Elodie Kimmel, I created watercolour album artwork which... more
aliza razell
For the series 'Realize' I combined photography with digital illustration to create... more
aliza razell for Alice Dillon
For the young English folksinger Alice Dillon, I worked with her to create this album artwork... more