Arvada, US
Joined Nov 2017

Aaron Miller, born and raised in Northern Colorado, is an artist, musician, and designer. By building his portfolio through working with local businesses, musicians, and artisans, he has developed personal techniques to create unique identities for clients and craftsmen alike. Through this page, you can experience his work, connect with him to build on personal projects, and envision future endeavors through imagery, sound, and animation.

AMIDST production focuses around the concepts of line, form, color, balance, and texture. These guides assist with the expression of all media, including (of course, never limited to) traditional fine art media, modern illustration, digital painting, vector drafting, photography, photography manipulation, as well as sound creation, or audio engineering of any kind, and also animations combining the two modes (audible / visible) in virtually any imaginable combination. AMIDST's approach is the application of the subject's theme or desired result within the client's desired media and context. All terms, goals, and deadlines are discussed and agreed upon before work is started, with the appropriate administration or representative.

AMIDST is something for everyone- a tool for honing one's raw vision into a finely polished gem. You are invited to be inspired, dream, and dare to create that which moves you.

  • Animation
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Murals
  • Typography
  • Auditing
  • Nature Photographer
  • Video Production
  • Proofreading
  • Music Production