January 2017
I'm currently studying for a Master of Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London (one of the UK's leading art colleges) where I am challenging and improving upon my skill-set alongside a network of talented colleagues on a daily basis. I have over 5 years experience in audiovisual production (video production + editing, audio production + editing, sound design) in the UK's thriving music and nightlife scene and over 3 years experience doing graphic design work (mainly for events, festivals and artists).

The majority of my experience was gained as a part of a creative agency I helped to co-found 3 years ago ( As part of Alma Creative I've worked on a number of projects for various clients (such as for event and artist promotion) where I am consistently refining and developing my creative production and direction skills.

Alongside this, I've also been working as a professional music producer and DJ for the the past 5 years. My experience in this field - alongside the valuable network of artists, producers and engineers that I've amassed and worked with - has allowed me to become extremely well versed in not only the high quality production and design of sound but also in carefully crafting and curating an effective and unique brand.

If you have any questions regarding my suitability for a task please don't hesitate to send me a message. I always deliver work of the highest quality and believe that selecting projects appropriately is the key to maintaining this standard.
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • Music Production