Hemel Hempstead GB December 2015
Andreas Yiasoumi is a 26 year old professional photographer based in London, England.

Heavily involved in music, Andreas was exposed to various subcultures from a young age such as, the UK hardcore punk scene, skateboard culture and fashion. He has since had the opportunity to tour with various bands and artists, capturing moments of their creativity, as well as his own.

He covers a variety of different styles and this can only be a reflection of his love for photography. Whether it is portraits, stills, landscapes or documentary, his photos have a unique look about them.

Today he is rarely seen without a camera in hand and is always striving to develop and learn by documenting his day to day surrounding through the lens.
  • Visual Image Development
  • Black and White
  • Event
  • Photography
  • Lighting
  • Production Management
  • Blogging