August 2018
Cassie Podish is a Virginia based designer/illustrator who mostly (but not exclusively) works in the music industry creating band merchandise, album covers, and more. With over eight years of experience she has worked with both major label artists and independent artists from all around the globe. While most of her clientele are musicians, labels, and bands she is happy to work outside of that world and has worked with restaurants, clothing lines, and more.
  • Cartoon Designer
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Layout Design
  • Package Design
  • Print Design
  • Painting
  • Merchandise Design
cpodish for Various artists
Various merchandise designs I've worked on for various bands, brands, labels, and more over the... more
cpodish for Dance Gavin Dance
Various merchandise designs I've worked on for Dance Gavin Dance over the years. These were... more
cpodish for The Menzingers
Various merchandise designs for American rock band The Menzingers. 
cpodish for Candy Hearts
Logo design for New York based pop rock band Candy Hearts. The Band used the logo on various... more
cpodish for Kevin Devine
Various merchandise and tour admat for Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Kevin Devine. 
cpodish for A Will Away
Various merchandise for A Will Away to sell on tour. These designs were inspired by lyrics and... more
cpodish for Grayscale
Various designs I worked up for Grayscale to sell on limited edition merchandise in their webstore... more
cpodish for Less Than Jake
Various merchandise designs I've done over the years for Less Than Jake. Sold on tours and in... more
cpodish for Sum 41
Tour merchandise for Sum 41 sold on their Don't Call It A Sum Back Tour. 
cpodish for Senses Fail
In 2014 I created a character for Senses Fail from there we slowly began to integrate the... more