Auckland NZ June 2017
Hi, my name is Josh - I work as an artist and illustrator under the name Crimson City Inc. based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

By working solely with traditional means such as ballpoint pens, I am hoping to create unique visual experiences that are both distinctive and memorable. I have worked with a variety of clients and companies both locally and internationally, and have held exhibitions both in New Zealand and abroad.


2012 Exhibitor at DeBrief Exhibition - Dunedin, NZ

2012 Ongoing display at Zeitgeist - Invercargill, NZ

2013 Crimson City Exhibition - Dunedin, NZ

2013 Exhibited with Art Pharmacy - Sydney, Australia

2014 Exhibited at Port Royale - Port Chalmers, NZ

2014 Exhibited at Mint Gallery (Mixed Show) - Dunedin, NZ

2014 Exhibitor at University of Otago Art Week

2015 Exhibitor at Armageddon Expo

2015 Exhibited at Able Gallery (Mixed Show) - Loganlea, Australia

2015 White Rabbit Exhibition - Dreamspace Gallery - London, UK

2016 Exhibitor at Armageddon Expo


2012 Heartbreaker - A Crimson City Artbook

2013 Lyrik Frontal (Featured) - Berlin, Germany

2013 Fae Fatales (Featured) - Solarwyrm Press, NZ

2014 Latchkey Tales (Cover Design) - Solarwyrm Press, NZ

2015 Crimson City Inc. - A Futuristic Coloring Book

2015 Crimson Creatures - A Crimson City Coloring Book

2015 Threaded Magazine (Featured)

2017 Creative Haven: Futuristic Worlds - Dover Publications, NY


Cyberdog Clothing - London, UK / Ibiza, Spain

Dimelopr - Miami, USA

Solarwyrm Press - New Zealand

Triple Dipped Clothing - USA

Lowers Clothing - San Clemente, USA

Dover Publications - New York, USA

Longboarding for Little Hearts - UK

  • Art Direction
  • Art Production
  • Cartoon Designer
  • Comic Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Pixel Art
  • Visual Image Development
  • Colourist