Boardman, US
Joined Jul 2015

From an early stage I have had a keen interest in the arts. I spent my time sketching, painting and as I got older, photography. My family has also influenced my creative side as my dad was a keen photographer travelling the world and I remember as a child watching his endless slides. My mother has also influenced me as I've come to later find out with her hobby of sewing and fashion. My developed interest in aesthetics and layout led me to take a place in Sunderland University studying 'Design: Multimedia & Graphics'. I made the decision to leave this course to concentrate on my photography as I felt this was where my true passion lied. I spent my time arranging concepts for shoots through mood boards and social media along with building an online platform for my work through my website.

My passion for photography was discovered whilst attending secondary school and entered a competition. It was then that the photography teacher discovered my natural eye for aesthetics, layout and skill. Over the years I have been influenced by my dad and seeing him beam about his passion. Through my design background I have also been influenced by Harry Beck and his ability to combine design and functionality in a simple form, showing me form over function is important in success. Recently I have been influenced by the photographer Terry Richardson for his ability to capture the human form, particularly that of women, through simplicity, giving a powerful image and capturing the individual personality.

Through my development in the art of photography I have remained self-taught. I have found the combination of self-set briefs and serendipity has taught me a similar style I have become to call my own. I think the next part of my journey is to break away from my current style and to truly learn different techniques and form to expand my knowledge in an environment I can grow creatively. I'm currently studying FdA photography at Newcastle college , just about to go into my second year of the course.

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