January 2015
David Gaither is an international contemporary known for his expansive paintings, which combine warm, bright colors with innovative shapes, organic feeling/expression, contemporary technology and pioneering methods. David constantly experiments with various types of mediums, materials and methods to bring new depths to his art. His paintings blur the boundaries of the figurative and the abstract; reality and fantasy.

David crafts pieces of varying sizes, from large murals to smaller paintings. The theme of each piece guides the size and type of canvas, paints, and other materials and methods involved. David’s works have been exhibited all over the world, from leading US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, to as far as Lausanne (Switzerland), Paris (France), Biarritz (France), Dubai (The United Arab Emirates) Hong Kong (China), Tokyo (Japan), and South Africa.

David is currently exploring a movement that he has termed “Maximalism,” in which he employs a myriad of intricate shapes and ultra-saturated colors, over-emphasizing the detail and infinite combinations of the respective shapes and colors. The crux of his take on Maximalism is to make shapes and colors more elaborate than before; to take shapes and colors to the highest degree of detail. From his perspective, Maximalism is all about experimentation and evolution, stretching the constructs of what one thinks is imaginable; breaking limits or barriers to establish new paradigms. His aim with Maximalism is to take contemporary art to the next level.
  • Painting