Castries LC October 2017
I spend my free time getting as much practice done. Throughout my daily life, where ever I go I analyze, create and think of ideas. My inspiration can come from anywhere, a few websites you visit online, a walk in the city, people you see and talk to or just admiring a view. Most of all, you put your heart into it and what you feel. The world was created hence it was first designed and I am continuously enamored by this. It’s a matter of being observant to what’s really important for your next idea to present itself. You write it down, sleep on it if you have to, or do what works for you. Expounding on that idea and having that creative mind to create something out of nothing, in the hopes that someone would believe in you and what you create.
  • Cartoon Designer
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Social Media
  • Black and White
  • Portrait